DreamKeeper - Your Personal Dream Journal App Reviews

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The best

The best dream journal I could find! It has many features that make it convenient to record and edit your dreams. You can title your dreams, to make it easier to find them later. I record my dreams, then I try to find their meaning via other apps (such as Christian dream interpretation) or resources. I suggest watching John Paul Jackson videos on YouTube (and his other resources) for dream interpretation!

Great App!

Best I have found for night dreams. Fairly good at recognizing my speech. Easy to use early in the morn while my dreams are still fresh. Would like to see a dictionary based upon Bible-based numbers and meanings. Also a search tool to find words used in past recordings, a button to note repetitive dreams or images, and a button set to note whether the dream had color or was bright, had grayscale, or dark environment.

Very helpful

I love keeping track of my dreams and this is the best way I have found. It allows me to tag all of my dreams so if I ever wonder about a theme or person I can find all my dreams with that by searching it. It has been great.

Is great

Woooo! They're back! I'm so glad I kept this around checking everyday for an update. All issues are fixed and I was able to restore all data to resume my records.

Absolutely love it

This app is wonderfully simple. I love the way it is set up and being able to go back and edit what I want with title and notes after writing everything down. Love the color scheme 💛💚 very fitting for a dream app!!!

Great app but still needs work

For the most part this app is great! I love that I have a place to securely store my dreams and that I can add people and themes for better categorization and future searching. However, there are a few things that could be improved: 1. Sometimes when I am writing out a dream the text that I am typing gets covered by the keyboard and the app won't allow me to scroll down. This is very frustrating because I just have to guess that I have typed everything correctly and I can't view the entirety of what I have written. 2. When I initially try to save a theme on any given dream it doesn't work until I exit that dream and go back in to try again. The second time always works.

Love this so much

I keep a dream journal on paper in a notebook and while I will always prefer that method right after a dream because I can write faster than I can type, and details leave my thoughts so quickly, I enjoy going back to this later and summarizing everything and categorizing them. It offers a search feature so I can find dreams based on people or themes, and you can add a list of people and themes so you can go back and find them later. Totally worth the money to have an ad free journal in digital form. You can even password protect it. Highly recommended.

Horrible customer service!!!

I used this app a couple years ago and forgot my password. The password recovery didn't work so I contacted the maker. After waiting a while, he finally got back to me with some instructions to try but it still doesn't work. Then I never heard from him again. I tried to uninstall the app to try and see if that would help and it deleted ALL my entries! POINTLESS. What good is it if I can't see my past entries. The app itself wasn't bad, but if you have technical issues, forget it. Terrible!!

So far so good

I've used it for a bit and it's great so far. However, it would be fantastic if, instead of Dropbox, it also could sync with iCloud. Developers: please make this happen!

No voice record - misleading

Recording only means "type" in this app. There is no voice recording. The first reviewer talks about using "diction to talk to text" implying that you can talk into this app and it will record your dream. Not possible! You can not record as in "talk and save" at all in this app. Beware!

Works like a dream!

This is the best dream recording app. It is easy to use and makes recording my dreams quick and easy. However, the last time I recorded my dream and wrote in the Notes section and saved it, when I tried to go back in to review it the note was gone! It took about three tries before it finally saved it for real. I REALLY like this app. Fix the problem with the notes and my rating will be a 5!

Unravel the core, of you!

I recommend getting a dream dictionary, as a companion to this app. As you start to log your dreams, you'll start to understand very deep feelings, or maybe not so deep, but some that need your attention, as soon as possible, and to explore them...just may change the course of your life. Get this app and pay attention to what your subconscious is revealing to you.

Best Dream Journal App, missing one thing...

This app is brilliant. I have over 50 dreams already recorded, and it's really easy to use! The "Add Details" option is probably the best thing about this app. The only thing it's missing is a nice night time interface because if it's at low brightness and still hurts my eyes (I even use f.lux) there's is a problem. I think if there was a night mode viewing or a way to edit the color scheme of the app and lower contrast etc that would be perfect and I would give this app 5/5 in an instant!

Like it but searching is flawed

I have been using this app to journal my dreams for the past two years and it's always been reliable. The only exception is that when I search for a keyword that I KNOW I have included in the narrative of my dream or tagged as a theme...sometimes it doesn't find it. Would rate 5 🌟if that could be fixed. Thanks.

Best dream journal out there

It’s reliable, safe and clean. Searching works well. It’s been great to track dreams over time.

Like functionality, wish it had night screen

Tagging and theme feature good for seeing trends. Email/backup functions are useful. Writing down dreams has helped with insomnia and getting a little deeper level of introspection when journaling thoughts. It's harsh to use in a groggy state tho, even with screen brightness turned all the way down. Instead of a white background, maybe a black one "night mode", with light gray text would be easier to write wake up and write to.

Misleading graphics and review

I might've jumped before even trying the app but I saw that on the interface there is a plus sign with the word RECORD. I think great voice to text dictation not to the mention the first review shown talks about this function in the app. What a con.

A good tool for personal introspection

Handy and easy to use, which is good if your foggy in the head when you first wake up. I especially like the feature to track themes in your dreams; that's a valuable tool over time. What I don't like is not being able to rotate the acreen to add text. Typing on the smaller screen can be a pain when your first wake up


Awesome app. Easy to use. Great search feature.

One of my favorites

I love the layout of this app! It works great already so the updates are infrequent but always improve the app functioning.


I use it to keep track of my dreams. It lets you add tags for themes as well as people. Password protection helps keep your journal safe from snoopers


Great app! Very functional! But please update for iOS 7 :)

Perfect for recording dreams

Everyone keeps their phone near their bed...this app is great for quickly typing those weird dreams down before they are forgotten. Maybe add a few different color themes? A nice deep plum or blue would be great.

Easy Easy Easy

Love being able to quickly record my dreams! Also that it's password protected. Would be extra fantastic if it had a dream dictionary or ways to analyze the dreams.

Perfect Companion to Dream Moods

Amazingly simple to use. The app allows you to record your dream immediately, just to get the dream down. Then you can go back and add in the details, add various themes and extra notes. I like the themes because I can reference them when using Dream Moods app. So far, great app. Worth the money. A transcription feature would be nice so you could use the mic to just speak your dream instead of typing. You would get the dream down faster.

Best Dream Log App

This is by far the best dream log app available, and it truly is a great app! For a full 5/5 stars though id like to see iCloud support and some sort of tagging system. If a tagging system was implemented, a huge bonus would be having a pie chart that shows percentages of tags. I would tag my dreams as "great" "good" "neutral" "nightmare" etc...

Amazing dream recording app!

Simple, elegant and great tagging features in this app. Well worth it to buy, for sure. Easy to use when you first wake up, because of its large initial recording screen. You can even use dictation to talk to text if your eyes are too blurry to type! Definitely useful for those groggy mornings. Tagging features allow you to specifically record people you remember, and also themes of the dream. After you are done, it displays the dream and themes in a beautiful layout to read later. You can even back them up to Dropbox for extra safety! This app is well worth the investment if you want to record your dreams, and try to have more control over them. Human mind ftw!

An excellent app

I love that you can add tags for people and themes. The app itself is very visually appealing. Its easy to record dreams (great for when you're half asleep!) and you can also insert a password so your journal is private. Customer support is excellent and fast to respond. They listen to their customers and implemented many of our suggestions from previous versions. This is a top-notch app for recording your dreams. I love it and will continue to use it!

Best dream tracking app ever! And free😄


Great app

Simple and easy to use. Recommend it👍

Perfect dream journal

If you're like me you probably looked at every app to see which one was the best. Even though you have to pay, I highly recommend it.

Awesome app

No flaws, easy to use and keep it safe from wondering eyes


Best dream journal ever!!! It is such a wonderful app that even has a pass code lock. It is brilliant!!! I love this app I even got a friend to download it.. I suggest this app for dreamers out there!!

Amazing app

I'm using this to remember my dreams better and it makes it really easy to log dreams.

Detailed dream journal!

This app is great--great idea, great design, and way accessible.

Very easy to use! Simple!

Easy to use and simple.

Great app

It's a great app

I like it

It's a great little organizer for the dreams I have. And if I ever have any crazy subconscious adventures, I like to document them.


This is probably the best choice for a dream journal app available as it has everything you'll need to make your dream work as efficient as possible including the ability to go in and edit your records at any time, create themes, create titles, keep a record of people that appear in your dreams (although a visible list of all the people you've created is not available and only accessed through a search or appear as a button choice when you start to type it in). The app has a very nice interface but sometimes I found myself preferring a black bg for typing in the dark. It's password protected and you can even transfer your data to your computer through Dropbox if you want. I highly recommend this app. I believe it's the best of the lot.

Very great 👍

Very satisfied! Exactly what I was looking for.

Great app but...

This probably is the best dream log app out there. Dreams are searchable. You can password protect your log. And you can back up you log to Dropbox. The most unfortunate thing is that the backup in Dropbox is in clear text!!! This is potentially a big problem. This means folks at Dropbox can read your logs. And if you install Dropbox app on your work computer, your boss can read your logs too. Other than that, it is a great app.


Love this app. Easy to use for recording my lucid dreams. Entries are easy to edit and the search function will be valuable to me as I increase my log of dreams. Does just what I need it to do. Thanks!

Love it

Never thought that I would find an app that suited my needs so well. Love it!!


Please fix the major glitch! It won't let me view past entries!!!!


I know this is supposed to be for dreams...which i do record dreams, i mostly use it for my journal. Its perfect for wat i want to do and wat i need it for...HIGHLY recommended


I wouldn't be able to keep a dream journal any other way. Really a great tool and a great app.

Love it

I would never remember my dreams this is the best app I had EVER downloaded u can have a pass code to keep ur siblings and mom and dad from snooping in ur dreams

Love love it!

I use this every day. 3 mos. so far and zero problems. Love tagging capability and export to Dropbox. I recommend it to my friends and students all the time.

Not impressed

Feel like the "record" function deceived me into thinking I could record voice entries into this. Makes a lot more sense when you're semi-awake to just talk rather than text in a bunch of data.

Great app

Recording dreams have never been so fun.

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